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Old Mill

Residential property
«Ružový mlyn»

The biscuit factory stopped production in 2000. The building, constructed in 1918, is a listed building. It has been converted and now houses 75 apartments and commercial spaces.

Gewerbeliegenschaft Galvaniho Bratislava

Commercial property Galvaniho

The centrally located site

(over 18,500 square metres) with optimal transport links has been carefully redeveloped to provide spaces for mixed rental needs, including retail and commercial spaces, storage spaces and offices.

Gewerbeliegenschaft Starà Vajnorská Bratislava

Commercial property
Stará Vajnorská

The property is located in an industrial area and was renovated in 2018. If offers 3,000 square metres of office spaces and 4,000 square metres of storage spaces, provides easy access to the motorway and is used by a variety of tenants.

Bürogebäude Odborárska Bratislava

Office building

The prestigious office building, which is a high-standard development, is in a quiet location and yet is still centrally located in the prosperous city. The plot, covering over 6,500 square metres, offers extensive grounds, with many parking spaces, a swimming pool and garden seating area.